Previous to the spring term of 2016 the PTA for Owlsmoor Primary School had drifted apart and was existing with just a couple of events each year holding it together.

Then a meeting with fresh faces spurred it all back to life.  Most of us have not done anything like this before but the challenge appeared to be fun.

And that is exactly what it has been… FUN.

We have a key event each term (Fireworks night, Summer Fete, etc.), a disco for the kids every term and several other, smaller fundraising events every few weeks.

We’re open to suggestions, welcome volunteers and always enjoy a good social chit-chat.  We’re about raising funds to help the school, improving the environment our children grow up in and supporting each other through the adventures of ‘school-life’.

Commitee Members

Chair - Chrissi Hellewell

Hi. My name is Chrissi.


I have 3 children, two attend Owlsmoor Primary School. I have Aimee in year two and Summer who is in year 1. My son who is 2 will be joining Owlsmoor Nursery in 2018.

When I first heard about the PTA reforming I thought it would be a great way to get involved with the school. Since joining I have helped at a number of events and also help each week in my child's class.


I have found working with the other PTA member a fun and new experience. It is really lovely to see the outcome of what we are raising money for.



Vice Chair - Kerry Mott


Secretary - Richard March




Treasurer - Jennifer Brown

Hi i'm Jen and have a daughter Josie who is in Year 4 and also have a daughter Alex who has just started secondary school Year 7.


I have worked in IT for over 10 years



Other Commitee Members

Jan Castledine

Matt Pyman